Joey Kötting


1989-91      MFA, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Rome, Italy

1985-88     BFA, Brighton Polytechnic, East Sussex, England

1987           School of The Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois

1984-85     St. Martin’s School of Art, London, England


2018         Don't touch the ears; you won't like it when she's angry: Trauma. California State University Northridge CA

2010-11     Reflexive, Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

2008         Clean=up after your Dog’s Fother=Mucker Kick your R$$The     Confederacy of Creative Ephemera, Circus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                  Heads Up!  University of California San Diego Gallery, La Jolla, CA

2007        The Art of Pilgrim(aging), Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

2006        Help! (bannersflyerstencils), Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

2004        Atrocity Exhibition, Yvon Lambert Gallery, NYC, NY

                 Still (deadpopstars), Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium     

                 Riot at the Ritz, Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium

2002        This Filthy Earth, Lieu D’Art Contemporain, Sigean, France

                  Potential, Mobile Home, London, England

2000        Welcome to Cowhead, Fredericks Freiser Gallery, NYC, NY    

1999        Untitled (OTR: LA - Philly), Galeria Graça 1991, Lisbon, Portugal

1998         Fountain in the Mountain, Côté Rue, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France

                  Untitled (OTR: LA - Philly), UMKC, Kansas City, MO

                  Winter, Pace/Wildenstein MacGill, NYC, NY

1997         White Room, Blind Faith, White Columns, NYC, NY

1996         Sundog Paintings, ESSO Gallery, NYC, NY


2021    The Youngest Day (curated by Mathew Hale) carlier/gebauer Berlin Germany

2019    A Day’s Work. (curated by Susan Morris)  Raum Schroth, Soest, Germany

             Blinky the Friendly Hen, Free Range, CSUN, Northridge, CA

2018    J’❤️Avignon, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

             Full & Part (II), Main Gallery CSUN, Northridge CA

2015     Original Show: Season One(curated by Stephen Hepworth) LMAK Projects, NYC

2014      00:00:01 : A SPLIT SECOND, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

2013       Endless Bummer II/ Still Bummin’, Marlborough Chelsea, NYC, NY (curated by Jan Tumlir and Drew Heitzler)

                Performing Methods, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (curated by Chris Oatey)

               One of a kind, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

               The Road Show, Todd Madigan Gallery, CSUB, Bakersfield, CA

2012      forget the words, Cindy Rucker Gallery, NYC, NY

                Rainbowof Chaos, Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

                Drove(s),The Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GA

              Absence#Presence, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

              Prints Please (selections from Universal Limited Art Editions), Islip Art Museum, EastIslip, NY

2011      sOuNd OF(F)Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

              Disorderly Conduct, Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

              Convergence, Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA

2010     Je Crois aux miracles,  Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

              Summer 2010, Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

2009    Hors JeuxEspace culturel François-Mitterand, Beauvais, France

              New York Connections, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

             Boofthle Booth-Booth: Deux/HollywoodBiennale, Pauline Gallery, LA, CA

             Extra Extra, China Art Objects, LA, CA

2008    Faces/(auto) portraitsGalerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

              IPCNY New Prints, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

               Stable Scrawl, Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

              ipodism, cultural promiscuity in the age of consumptionTULCA, Galway, Ireland

2007      New Prints, International Print Centre New York, NYC, NY

               Il faut rendre à Cézanne, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

               Collezione#2, Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy (curated by Stephen Hepworth)

              French Kiss, JGM Galerie, Paris, France (curated by Rob Wynne)

              Longitude/LatitudeGalerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

              Sur La Route, S.M.A.K, Ghent, Belgium

              Free Paris, Jail, Los Angeles, CA (curated by Allyson Spellacy)

2006     Cross Reference II, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent Belgium

               le paradoxe du comédien, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

               ULAE prints from the collection 1957 – 2006, Adler & Co, San Francisco, CA

2005     Cross Reference, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

                 Home and Away, hatonwall Gallery, London, England

                 Heavenly or a slice of White, Hunter College Art Gallery, NYC, NY

               Portraits on Paper, Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC, NY

2004     Fripon, Fripon et demi, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

              Nature Study, Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

              The Print Show, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, OK

              Publisher’s Spotlight, Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA

2003     HDTS3, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA

              New Editions, Works on Paper, Philadelphia, PA

              ULAE New Editions, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MN

2002     Rendez-vous III, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

2001      No Big Pictures, Pace/Wildenstein MacGill, NYC, NY

              le choix entre anonymat et notoriété, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France

              painting/not painting, White Columns, NYC, NY

2000    game on, Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC, NY

             Achieving Failure - Gym Culture 2000, Thread Waxing Space, NYC, NY; Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, OH

1999     Events, Côté Rue, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, France

             Bill Adams, Karin Gulbran, Joey Kötting, Jessica Fredericks Gallery, NYC, NY

1998     Choices, Exit Art, NYC, NY

              In Situ, UMKC, Kansas City, MO

             Objectphenomena, E.S. Vandam Gallery, NYC, NY  

1997     Gramercy International, Jessica Fredericks Gallery, NYC, NY

             stillgone (on the persistence of absence)E.S. Vandam Gallery, NYC, NY (curated by Bill Arning.)

              Emerging Artists, Pace/Wildenstein, NYC, NY

1996      Rome Selection, Temple University Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

              Artworkers' Artwork, Basilico Fine Arts, NYC, NY

1995      Viti, Heist, Alberts, Kötting, Momenta Art, NYC, NY


2011     Please stop telling me how to… Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

2004   Riot at the Ritz, Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium

            Ghent Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium

2000   Batofar, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, France

1998    Ten Miles at The Spin; still haven’t left the pier: WHUFC, Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, UT

1997     Res Extensions, Mobius, Boston, MA

1996     Video selection, Holly Solomon Gallery, NYC, NY (curated by Blair Thurman)


2004   John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship

1998    Penny McCall Foundation Curatorial Grant

1996    Yaddo Residency


Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MA

Cnap (Centre national des arts plastiques), Paris

Collection Lambert, Avignon, France.

Eastman House Collection of Photography and Film, Rochester, NY

Agnes Gund, NYC, NY

Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY

New York Public Library, NYC, NY

Penny McCall Foundation, NYC, NY


2018      Figment and its Etiology: Mathew Hale    ROGERS, LA CA

                Mothers Ignacio Perez-Meruane      ROGERS, LA CA

2017      Hard into Soft, Nancy Buchanan    ROGERS LA CA

2016     Piet Moget  Doyers, NYC

2015     Piet Moget: The Horizon    ROGERS, Los Angeles CA

              George Stoll: Goofy Sublime   ROGERS, Los Angeles CA

2009-2014    Todd Madigan Gallery, CSUB. Director/Curator 

2014     Jim SKULDT: Water & Power Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

               Iconic Artworks: 1920s to the Present (from the collection of Aaron Moulton) ROGERS LA CA

2013     Abstraction (Sound and Vision): Alison Frey, Katie Grinnan, Aiko Hachisuka, Christian Marclay, Allison Miller, Hermann Nitsch, Dan Peterman, LeRoy Stevens, Mateo Tannatt, John Williams Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

            Adrià Julià: Campus, Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

2012    Sunday @ 4: Kelly Barrie, Justin Beal, Chris Beas, Jedediah Caesar, Justin Cole, Mario Correa, Liz Glynn, Karl Haendel, Drew Heitzler, Adam Janes, Adrià Julià, Stanya Kahn, Caitlin Lonegan, Emily Mast, Sohrab Mohebbi, Aram Moshayedi, Miljon Ruperto, Matthew Schum, Brian Sharp, Pascual Sisto, Flora Wiegmann and Alexa Wier, Kent and Kevin Young. Todd Madigan Gallery, CSUB, CA

             Mary Weatherford: Bakersfield Project  Todd Madigan Gallery, CSUB, CA              (traveled to LA><ART, Los Angeles, CA 2012)

2011     Gustavo Godoy: Empty Altar,  Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

            GeorgeKetterl: The Last Paintings, Todd Madigan Gallery, CSUB,  CA

            Disorder, Cal Crawford, Drew Heitzler, Robert Levine and Amanda Ross-Ho. Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

2010    The Compression of Time and Space, Mike Heivly, Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA

             Drew Dominick and Dorethea Lange: Providence Nature,  Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA (Traveled to CSU Northridge, CA 2013)

2009    The Art of Death in Ancient Egypt  selections from the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Todd Madigan Gallery, CSU Bakersfield, CA  

2009    New York Connections, Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent, Belgium

2004    Montagne Saint Victoire, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

2003    Mont Ventoux, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

             Pop Idol, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

2002    This Filthy Earth, Lieu d’Art Contemporain, Sigean, France

             Sur Le Pont d’Avignon, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France


2016-2019    California State University, Northridge adjunct professor

                         Graduate Seminar,  Graduate Printmaking, Graduate Review committee, Beginning Printmaking

2009-2014    California State University, Bakersfield. Full-time Lecturer

                             Printmaking: Etching, Screen-printing, and Relief,                        
                             Photography: Darkroom and Lightroom

                             Gallery Practicum,

                             Senior Studio,
                             Senior Seminar

2001-2005    Columbia University, adjunct professor

                            Graduate Printmaking,
                            Graduate Studio,
                            Advanced Printmaking, Etching, Relief

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